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The Story Behind Co-Authoring a Children's Book with My Daughter and Our Vision for Change

Exploring Our Children's Book Process

Several days ago, my daughter and I received the physical copies of our forthcoming children’s book, Zion Learns To See, and not only did we get a chance to unbox the book, but we also sat down and had a discussion on our thoughts about the process and our joy of writing together.

This process has been a long journey from start to finish, but I am incredibly grateful to have co-authored a book with my daughter about a real story from our relationship.

We are less than a month away from releasing our children’s book to the world. It feels unreal.

It seems like yesterday, when she was in the second grade, telling me she wanted to write a children’s book, and now we have done it together. This is a form of empowerment because empowering our children from a young age has always been a cornerstone of our family’s core values (Zion and TJ).

Through Zion Learns To See, we aim to communicate the importance of seeing beyond appearances and acknowledging the intrinsic worth of every person.

This project represents more than just another book project; it’s a deeply felt journey of embedding crucial life lessons in our children, with the hope that such empathy is shared with other children, too.

Teaching our children that service is not merely an activity but a way of life has been a deeply rewarding experience. Training our kids to be kind and understand others ensures they grow up caring and responsible people.

In a world that can often seem indifferent, it’s imperative that we, as parents, set an example with the love of God and dignity.

Our hope (both Zion and I) is that Zion Learns To See will inspire parents to cultivate a generation that loves without condition. Showing love to people, irrespective of their life situations or whether they have a stable place to call home, reflects our shared humanity.

This book encourages parents to teach these important values to their children, helping to create a world that shows love to those who may find themselves without an address and then have the courage to act on what they see.

Lastly, I want to say to my daughter:

Zion, we envisioned this when you were younger. Now, we stand on the brink of introducing a children’s book to assist parents in teaching their children about the dignity and worth of every individual, regardless of their housing status.

If you are a parent or know other parents with young children, we encourage you to share Zion Learns To See: Opening Our Eyes To Homelessness.

P.S. I also thank our publisher, IVP Kids, for their faith in this father-daughter team.

Preorder “Zion Learns To See: Opening Our Eyes To Homelessness” [HERE]

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From Streets to Scholarship by Terence Lester
From Streets to Scholarship by Terence Lester
Terence Lester, Ph.D.